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Packing Check List


# Packed

Item to Pack

# Packed

Item to Pack

Clothes Travel Necessities


short sleeved shirts


toiletry organizer bag


long sleeved shirts


sleep sheet


button-down shirts


travel towel


sweat shirt/fleece (if weather requires)


camera, memory cards/film, recharger


sleep shirts


first aid kit




sewing kit




Swiss Army knife (checked luggage only)


shorts (if climate allows)


money belt


pajama bottoms


day pack/tote bag


long underwear (if weather requires)


luggage locks & locker lock




clothes line & sink stopper




laundry detergent


bras (if nature requires)


passport, drivers license, student ID


swimsuits (if climate allows)


photocopies of passport


walking shoes/boots


travel alarm clock


sport sandals (if weather allows)




waterproof jacket


money/ATM card/traveler's checks...


gloves (if weather requires)


guide book & phrase book


hat  (if weather requires)


credit card theft notification ph.#'s
Toiletries Optional Items




shower shoes


soap (bar or liquid)


inflatable neck pillow


wash cloth or body sponge


eyeshade & ear plugs


toothpaste, toothbrush, & floss


small flashlight/torch or headlamp


safety razor


book light


underarm deodorant


flat packing umbrella


face/body moisturizer


thermometer/compass key chain


sunscreen (SPF 15+)


small amount of duct tape


lip balm (Chap stick, etc.)


calculator/currency converter


finger nail clippers


radio/mp3/CD player w/headphones




voltage converter w/plugs


contacts, solution & eye glasses


eating utensil set


make-up (if necessary)


small foldable drinking cup


feminine hygiene products (if required)


addresses of family & friends


birth control/condoms  (just in case)


phone/calling card


prescription drugs (if required)


HI and/or VIP hostel card




journal and pen