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Last updated February 07, 2016. 

Hostels vs. Hotels in Europe

Hostel Pros Hostel Cons
  • Cheaper than hotels for 1 or 2 travelers
  • Meets lots of people
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Toast and tea/coffee sometimes included in nightly price
  • TV rooms, pool tables, and other communal spaces for hanging out
  • Not much privacy (unless you get a private room)
  • Lots of people can sometimes mean lots of noise
  • Bunk beds (usually)
  • Sometimes the facilities aren't very clean
Hotel Pros Hotel Cons
  • Usually the same price or only slightly more expensive for 2 to 4 travelers than a private room at a hostel
  • Privacy
  • Private bathroom sometimes available
  • Clean sheets and towels
  • Buffet breakfast often included in price (especially in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe)
  • More expensive than hostels
  • Very difficult to meet other people
  • No access to a kitchen (usually)
  • Cheapest ones are generally not in the city center
  • You get what you pay for--cheap hotels are sometimes gross




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