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Last updated February 07, 2016. 

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If you have questions you couldn't find the answer to on my site, you may contact me at kaaryn at (I'm writing it out like this to avoid being spammed by computers that collect e-mail addresses). I do request that before you e-mail me that you thoroughly look through my site for the answer. Try using the site index to find the information you are looking for before contacting me. If the information I provide still leaves you with questions, I will be happy to try to answer those questions.


  • My site is intended to be a resource for people planning budget trips to Europe. I began this site to help plan my own three month trip to Europe after I graduated from college. At that time there were no websites that answered ALL my questions. I strive to provide answers to any questions a first time "backpacker" or budget traveler would have. 

    Since my trip, I've expanded the site and am constantly adding new information and updates about traveling in Europe. E-mails I receive from visitors to my site help make me aware of what I can do to improve the my site--suggestions are always welcome. 
  • I do not have printed materials to send anyone (I get frequent requests for these). The postage, paper, and ink would make me go broke.
  • I am not a travel agent, so I do not make bookings for plane tickets, hotel rooms, tour groups etc. I provide information and links on my site for you to make your own reservations and/or bookings.
  • This website is written and maintained solely by me. I have no additional staff and I have no plans for additional staff.

Privacy Policy: I do not collect or distribute personal information about the visitors who come to this site for commercial reasons or any other reason.

Link Exchanges: I get constant requests for link exchanges. I am happy to exchange links with sites that actually have something to do with the topic of my website and will offer valuable information to my visitors.

If you want a link exchange:
  • Sites must be related to travel. European travel sites are more likely to be listed, than non-European travel sites.
  • Links/Resources page must be easily accessible from the front page of your website--like the Travel Links section on my website is. Having a teeny-tiny link hidden at the bottom of your page, does not qualify. Having a links/resources page buried in your website does not qualify. Having a link/resources page that is not connected to any other page on your website does not qualify.
  • Sites' Links/Resources page must have a Google ranking. My links page is currently PR 5.
  • Sites filled with Google Ads or obnoxious amounts of advertising will not be considered.
  • Sites with pop up ads will not be considered.

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