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Last updated February 07, 2016. 

Travel Tips

The items listed below should help answer many of your travel planning questions.  For answers about where to stay and how to travel while in Europe, please check out the Hostels, etc. and Transportation sections of my site.

Travel Books Plan Your Itinerary Country Info
European guide books, phrase books, etc. When to travel, sample itineraries, etc. Information about the European countries
Estimating Costs How to Save Money Travel Apps NEW!
Before you go & on the road travel expenses Find out about travel discounts Useful Apps for iPhone, iPad, etc.
Keeping in Touch Health & Safety Work/Study Abroad
Cell phones, phone cards, postcards,  internet cafes, etc. Precautions for travelers, travel warnings, insurance, etc. Work, study, or volunteer while abroad
Backpack Europe
Bulletin Board
Travel Solo or
with Companions
Travel Tales
Talk to and meet fellow travelers and ask questions. Pros and cons of group and independent travel Read travelogues and stories about traveling in Europe.
Travel Tools Passports & Visas Women Travelers
Currency conversion, weather conditions, etc. Get your passport and visas before you go Packing tips and links to travel sites for women

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