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Last updated February 07, 2016. 


What's New

Backpacks updated with new backpacks

Backpack Europe Bulletin Board Meet and learn from from fellow travelers.

Budget Airline Search Engine added to help search for low fares for 75 budget airlines within Europe.

Hostel Reservations Improved by increasing hostel booking capabilities by partnering with Hostel Bookers, a no fee hostel reservation service.

Travel Tales I've added information about creating your own on-line travel journal or website. Creating a travel journal is one of the best souvenirs you can have to remind you of your European adventures.

Revamped Packing Information I've added information on clothes designed for travel, walking shoes/boot/sandals, and about bringing electronic equipment with you when you travel. Includes clothing and shoe recommendations.

New Info About Travel Insurance Find out the difference between trip protection insurance and international travel medical insurance.

Improved Travel Book Section I've added a section highlighting recent travel book releases and the Top 5 European Travel Books.

More Countries Added! I recently added Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, and  Portugal to my country information pages.

Hostels vs. Hotels Find out which one better meets your needs.

Phone Cards updated phone card information in my Keeping in Touch section

Travel Insurance information added to the Health & Safety section of Travel Tips

Tips for finding cheap fares on-line how to navigate the web for cheap on-line air fares.

Passports and Visas Where to obtain your passport and find out if you need any visas for your planned destinations.

Travel Warnings Is it safe to travel?

Hostel Life Learn the basics about living in a hostel.

Travel Stories Now in the Travel Tales section of my site you can read travel stories submitted by fellow travelers (and some by me too). Check them out and if you have a story you would like to share, contact me. 

Printable Packing Check List Print out a packing check list.

How to save money Even if you are not under 26 years of age or over 50 years of age, a student or a teacher there are still ways you can save money while you travel. Of course it sure helps if you fit into one of the special discount categories...

On-Line Hostel Reservations check the price and availability of hostels all over the world and book on-line.

Coming Sometime in the Future 
(I make no promises as to the actual time frame of completion)

  • Sample itineraries
  • More information on different countries
  • Event/festival information
  • More pictures (yes, I am aware that my site lacks photos, but I'm sure at some point I will scan some more photos from my five bursting at the seams European photo albums)
  • New website: is currently being developed from my recent 'round the world jaunt.
  • Procrastination on all items listed above--GUARANTEED!
  • Little green men to help me complete all the tasks I've set for myself.
  • Nervous breakdown. 
  • Okay, at the very least I should be able to finish the sample itineraries. Maybe...

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