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Last updated February 07, 2016. 

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Language Blunder in Germany
by Maryann Schmitt

So here's the skinny.  I was going around Europe, actually on a tour with my mom and dad.  Half way through the tour I hooked up with another girl (who was traveling with her mom) Louie.  We would break off from the tour, and just go and have our own little adventures, my favorite was the language blunder incident.     

I had been trying to teach her a bit of German, and as time neared I was still teaching her the difference between my two favorite words--"shit" and "my little treasure"  however in German they sound very similar. Something like "schizer and schatzie."  

Any how the night of this really extravagant dinner, we were flirting with the waiter, Louie looked up at him from beneath her eye lashes and sighed as he wiped the bread crumbs away from her table setting area, their eyes met, and she sighed "schizer"    

He was so confused, in English he asked.. "What?... Shit? What?"  The whole table just about died laughing, poor Louie I think that's when she finally got the words memorized for good that night.  

As luck would have it, calling the guy a "shit" got him to take us both out later. So I guess it wasn't all bad, after all.  Just goes to show, foreigners never really mind so long as you TRY to use the language.

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Last Updated February 07, 2016.  



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