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Last updated February 07, 2016. 

Travel Tales

Travel Websites & Travelogues for Travelers on the Road
My Trip Journal Create your own 45 day website for FREE! Plot your journey on maps, store & display your photos, stories and experiences, exchange messages with friends and family, and download a permanent archive at the end of your trip.

Off Exploring Get your own personal travel website! Keep in touch with friends & family while you have fun around the world, includes travel journal, photos, interactive maps and message boards. Upload UNLIMITED photos. Will never delete your site from the web. Now Free!

Other ways of Keeping in Touch

Travel Stories
Lessons I Learned While Traveling, by Kaaryn Hendrickson
Language Blunder in Germany, by Maryann Schmitt
The Ruined trip to Rome, by Allison Herbon
Current Travelogues Past Travelogues

If you would like to share your Travel Tales with your fellow & future travelers,  friends, & family then please e-mail me I will link to a travelogue you've already created or I can post individual travel stories here.

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