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Last updated February 07, 2016. 


Women Travelers

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Packing Tips
Packing light is essential for a backpacking trip.  

  • Bringing half of your wardrobe is definitely out!  Try to take only the bare essentials.  You will not need your sexy little black dress, your cotton candy pink cashmere sweater set, your 4 inch high-heeled shoes etc., unless you stumble upon a very unusual backpacking crowd.

  • Keep in mind that you will need to get maximum wear out of each garment you bring.  Any article of clothing that you can only wear once or twice should be left at home. Key words to remember when selecting what to pack:  Practical and Versatile

  • If you simply have to have a flattening or curling iron (save space by buying a duel voltage travel sized one). You will also need an adaptor plug set.

  • If you have long hair, bring along a small separate towel just for your hair.  I bought a super-absorbent turban hair towel, made just for this purpose.

  • Put a scented sachet in you backpack to help keep your clothes smelling clean and fresh.  I bought  a Victoria's Secret scented drawer sachet (2 sachets for $4.00).  This worked out great! Unfortunately, they don't seem to sell them anymore.  I've heard that dryer sheets are a good option as well, especially for shorter trips.

Make sure you take a look at my seasonal packing lists and tips and toiletries list for further packing advice. 

Women's Travel Sites
JourneyWoman The On-Line Magazine for Women Who Love to Travel

Travel Lady Magazine Travel around the world with our experts and learn the secrets of the professionals.  Now over 350 travel stories from all over the world!

Women Traveling Together Travel club for women. Nation-wide, interesting destinations, small groups, newsletter, opportunities for free or discounted travel, club meetings, roommate finder service.

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