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Last updated February 07, 2016. 

Travel Europe By Car

Travel Tip: Shop around for the car rental plan that best fits your itinerary and budget. When budgeting for renting a car, be sure to include the price of gas/petrol, road tolls, and parking fees in your cost analysis.

Auto Europe  offers discount car rental services, discount airfare, and discount hotel reservations.  Great deals available for those planning to rent a car for 17 days or more. Prices start as low as $8 per day! has1,900 car rental locations worldwide for you to choose from. If you are from the U.K. you can go to Budget Rent-a-Car UK

idea44a2.gif (9354 bytes)IdeaMerge With tax-free, short-term auto leasing you get the exact, brand-new vehicle you reserve, plus unlimited miles, zero-deductible insurance, and 24/7 breakdown cover all for a single, set, fully inclusive, up-front price often lower than that of a rental! Great deals for those traveling 17 days or more.

Kemwel makes it easy for you to get the best discount car rentals in Europe, and around the world. Great savings on rentals for more than 17 days. Student and faculty travel discounts available. Free cell phone with any car rental booked through Kemwel.

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