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Last updated February 07, 2016. 

$39 International Cell Phone - The "Pack Lite" from Telestial

Arrive in Europe ready to call! If you are backpacking through Europe, then this low-cost options will allow you land with a cheap and call-ready method of staying in touch with home and making plans as you travel.

By arming yourself with an the $39 Pack Lite International Cell Phone and SIM card package from Telestial, you'll be ready to call as soon as you arrive. You will also be able to give friends and family your European SIM card phone number before leaving home.

        • Telestial entry-level handset
        • Passport Lite SIM Card + $5 credit 
        • Easy to recharge anytime online or over the phone
        • FREE Inbound calls: France, Italy, Spain, UK
        • FREE for family and friends to call you
        • No yearly contract, monthly charges or credit charges
        • See Table 3 for rates

Telestial International SIM Cards

If you already own an unlocked tri-band or quad-band handset, all you need is a new SIM card. Snap your new SIM it into your handset and you're ready to call! But which SIM is best for you? If you plan on traveling around Europe, then a Global SIM card from Telestial is a safe and cost smart way to save on international roaming charges. Telestial's range of International SIM cards, each come a UK mobile number (+44) and all calls are billed in $USD rather than in Euros.

      • Passport SIM Card + $10 credit 
      • Call rates from $0.49c/m
      • Free Incoming in 60+ countries
      • Low connection fee of $0.25c
      • See Table 1 for rates

      • Passport Plus SIM + $10 credit
      • Call rates from $0.29/m
      • Low connection fee of $0.25c
      • See Table 2 for rates

      • Passport Lite SIM Card + $5 credit
      • FREE inbound: France, Italy, Spain, UK
      • FREE for family + friends to call you
      • No connection fees
      • Frequent users: 25% bonus call time
      • See Table 3 for rates

Online Travel Journal
Online Travel Journal

OTJ Receive your FREE Online Travel Journal with any of our SIM cards above

OTJ Google maps that automatically plot your travels based on the location of your SIM

OTJ Post Journal entries and photos from your phone or PC while you're on the road

OTJ Let family and friends follow your trip online and allow them to easily call or SMS you

OTJ Keep your Journal private, public or give access to family & friends

Online Travel Journal
Online Travel Journal

All Telestial International SIM Cards feature:

    • Excellent coverage in over 130 countries   
    • Easy to use voicemail and 24/7 Customer Service
    • Free to receive text messages and you can send international text messages from $0.69 USD each
    • Recharge minutes anytime via the phone or web, and view call records and recharge receipts online
    • It is prepaid, so no contracts, no credit checks and no monthly fees
    • Easy to use call forwarding and you receive a United Kingdom +44 phone number

Other handy Telestial GSM International Cell Phone packages

If you need a new international cell phone to use with your choice of global SIM card, then Telestial has that covered too. You will need a new cell phone if you have service with CDMA networks Verizon or Sprint. CDMA technology won’t work in Europe, Africa, Asia and The Pacific, Australia and some South American countries. If you have a dual-band GSM handset with AT&T or T-Mobile, again, you will need a new handset. 850/1900 GSM frequencies are used in North America, while much of the rest of the world operates on the 900/1800 GSM frequencies. If your handset is tri or quad-band and unlocked you will be ok, but if not Telestial recommend the following international cell phone options:

SIMple Calling USA and Canada SIM card

      • USA and Can SIM + $10 USD credit 
      • +1 USA number
      • Local USA rates at just $0.9 per min!
      • International rates from USA at just $0.9!
      • Local Canada rates at just $0.29 min!
      • International rates from Can at just $0.29!
      • Telestial mid-range handset
      • Passport SIM Card + $10 credit 
      • Rates from $0.49/m
      • Free Incoming in 60+ countries
      • Low connection fee of $0.25c
      • See Table 1 for rates
      • Telestial high-end handset
      • Passport Plus SIM + $10 credit 
      • Rates starting at just $0.29/m
      • Low connection fee of $0.25c
      • See Table 2 for rates

* The Siemens A55 does not support the 850/1900 frequency and consequently service will be unavailable in the following countries: Antigua & Barbuda, Argentina, Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Cuba, Dominica, St. Lucia, US Virgin Islands, United States. If you require service in these countries, then please consider our ‘Pack More’ promotion.


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