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Last updated February 07, 2016. 

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Whether or not you buy clothes specifically designed for travel is up to you and your budget. I usually mix a few travel specialty clothing items in with of my regular clothing, but doing so is a luxury not a necessity. If you will only be traveling a very short time or have an extremely tight budget, then don't worry about buying special clothes for your trip.

What makes travel specific clothes worthwhile?
Clothing especially designed for travel is usually made out of fabrics and materials specifically suited to travel and often includes special features travelers find desirable while traveling.

Features Found in Clothing Designed for Traveling:

  • light-weight fabrics (less weight for you to carry around)
  • wrinkle resistant fabrics
  • stain resistant fabrics
  • built in 30-50+ SPF UV protecting/ fabrics
  • fast drying fabrics
  • anti-insect fabrics
  • moisture wicking fabrics
  • reversible clothing items
  • convertible clothing items (example: trousers with zip-off legs)
  • hidden pockets

Examples of Items I've Bought:

Click here for a list of stores that sell travel clothing

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